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Parades and TV Variety Show Specials

For the past four years we have been tasked with the honour of delivering design services for Mexico City’s Day of the Dead Celebration Parade. We have not only delivered the creative direction but also the float, costume, character and prop design for the unique parade that has now become a country wide tradition.  We have coordinated thousands of costumes and props and delivered more that than twenty-five floats, fifty super-props and one incredible huge dog puppet. Iconic costumes have travelled around the world and then transferred to the small screen thanks to having the honour of directing the Day of the Dead variety show special for one of Mexico’s biggest Ranchero legends Pepe Aguilar: Pepe Aguilar presenta “Mexicano Hasta Los Huesos” to a smashing success.


We take no ownership of these pictures nor of the productions themselves. All pictures on this site are merely to illustrate the amazing shows, events, parades we have had the honour of working for. For full list of clients and to learn more about the incredible work they do, go to our CLIENTS section of the site.

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