About CNProduction Design. Production Design & Costume Design. 

Creative design studio led by Emmy Award® nominated production designer and creative director Carlos Navarrete-Patiño. We specialize in stage, costume and prop design for theatre, dance, parades, film and television, ceremonies and other live events around the world. A team of freelance professionals that is not only highly qualified but share a wide range of combined experiences on multiple visual aspects of a performance; combining set, wardrobe, lighting, props, video content and puppetry. Their goal is to captivate audiences worldwide whilst inspiring others to create, design, perform and entertain. The studio delivers turnkey operations: from conceptualization, design, prototyping, fabrication coordination and maybe even performing.  


There is no project too small, no venue too large, and no budget that cannot be stretched to accomplish amazing things. It is our passion to design amazing sets, intricate props, lavish costumes and jaw drooping visual experiences. 


Our Clients

Some of our the fantastic and generous clients


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